Social Media Surgeries come to Shropshire

14 06 2010

I’m very proud to be involved in the first Social Media Surgery to be organised in Shropshire. It’s a great project that the Shropshire Infrastructure Partnership‘s making happen.

Like many of the best things in the world, Social Media Surgeries originated in Birmingham and have subsequently found their way across the UK with strongholds in Yorkshire and the south west. They exist to help voluntary and community groups and community activists make better use of social media and online technology.

It’s a simple idea.

Let’s say the chair of local community group wonders if there might be anything in this facebook idea that people keep banging on about. So they decide to drop-in on the Social Media Surgery. At the surgery a “surgeon” (really a geek like me) sits down with them, asks a bit about their group and what they are thinking of doing. Then they can show them on a conveniently located computer how to go about actually doing it.

It’s relaxed, informal, and tailored to each individual’s needs. There will be no presentations, powerpoint slides or talks be invited speakers. Just a quiet chat with someone who knows what they are talking about. It relies on volunteer surgeons and I think it’s going great.

And the first one in Shropshire is happening in OMH so it’s right in the centre of town and in a rather fabulous building with coffee, tea (or something stronger if you prefer) easily to hand.

That’s it really. So if you have any questions about how your voluntary or community group can get more out of the internet, come and visit us any time between 1730 and 2000 on 12th July 2010. Find out more and let us know you’re coming here.

If you’re on twitter use #shrewsms and we’ll see you.

I’ve cross-posted this onto and First time I’ve done that.


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